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Coconut Milk Baby Kale Smoothie (diary free, nut free, bitter free)

We all know that leafy greens are an amazing super food. Getting them in our diet is the challenging part! It’s so hard to hide the bitter taste. Then I discovered Power to the Greens at Trader Joe’s. The secret is the greens are in “baby” form; way less bitter, yet full of vitamins! This smoothie is my favorite morning pick me up when I’m craving something sweet. If you’re not big on all the fruit sugar, just sub out the banana for stevia to taste. The fat from the coconut milk and fiber from the greens make this really low glycemic, especially if you sub out the banana. I like to eat low sugar and a higher fat/fiber diet because it not only keeps me full longer, it also keeps my cravings at bay. My moods seem to be more stable as well 🙂
Things you’ll need:

blender ( a high speed blender like a Blendtec or Vitamix will give you a smoother texture)

1 cup coconut milk ( if you use a thick coconut milk you can use half coconut milk half water if you like) Trader Joe’s and Thai Kitchen canned coconut milk are in BPA free cans.

1/2 cup frozen pineapple ( I buy mine from Trade Joe’s)

1/2 bag or less of Organic Power to the Greens from Trader Joe’s (it has baby kale, baby spinach and baby chard) or two big hand fulls of baby spinach. Because of the oxalic acid present in raw greens boiling, steaming or blanching (reduces the amount by 75%) before using are great options.

Place the coconut milk, pineapple, banana and greens in the blender and blend until smooth.

*Note: It’s best to use non fortified coconut milk which you can only find in a can or by making your own coconut milk. The calcium that is added to the milk with stop iron absorption. Also eat this with fried eggs for more iron absorption. The hemo iron in the egg helps the non hemo in the kale absorb. Non hemo (plant sources) only absorbs about 2-20 % compared to hemo (animal sources) which is about 15-35%. Hemo iron is superior for absorption because they are already in absorption form. Non hemo iron has to be converted. And that’s if you have a healthy gut. It’s best to combine them both with vitamin C. Also, if you are like me and can not tolerate raw mature kale, baby kale might be something you want to try. Steaming or blanching your baby kale mix before using it in a smoothie is also a great option. Baby greens become really tender fast! I do both raw and steamed depending on how I feel.

Drink up!