The Suburban Girl Gone Country

I grew up in the suburbs always wondering what was beyond the confines of this big concert jungle. I love the suburbs, but I will never go back now that I have been exposed to the country life. I do miss my quick drive to Whole Foods and the mall, but it’s long forgotten when I see the rolling hills melt into the sunset. I’ve been living here on the central coast of California for well over a year now and I have learned so much about simple living, and yet I still have much more to learn. I have developed an appreciation for using dirt to grow things, raising animals, and community pot lucks! Let me tell you, there’s lots of that out here and these things bring me and the people in the community happiness. Every neighbor has their own garden and ways of gardening. I love that! My next project is to raise 12 chickens. My kids are my inspiration for living a fun and healthy life. I want to be here for them as long as life lets me, and this is why I put this blog together. I want to bring my community together and what better way than with delicious healthy food! I hope you enjoy what’s cooking her at The Suburban Girl Gone Country and what we’ve been doing in the garden. Thanks for stopping by!