Oat/Almond Meal Pie Crust

Thanksgiving will be here before we know it, and nothing completes a Turkey Day meal like homemade pie! This 50 50 combination of oat /almond flour makes an amazing pie crust. Of course it is gluten free, but I know people that aren’t gluten free will definitely think this pie crust is awesome. Its easy, inexpensive, and full of traditional flavors you would find in a regular pie crust. The oats give it great texture and the nuttiness from the almonds is a great complimenting flavor . You can also find every ingredient at Trader Joe’s. 🙂 I can’t wait for my family to try this on Thanksgiving.

Recipe: Oat/Almond Meal Pie Crust

Summary: This ground oat meal and almond meal crust is the perfect combination to satisfy your taste buds.

1 cup of oat flour (ground old fashioned rolled oats in a clean coffee grinder)
1 cup of almond meal ( I buy TJ’s brand)
4 tbsp butter ( left out and room temp for at least 1 hour)
2 tbsp pure maple syrup
1/8 tsp sea salt


Preheat the oven at 350. line a pie dish with parchment paper with opposing sides exposed (your handles so you can take the pie out of the dish) I just put a straight sheet of parchment paper in there.
Mix the butter, maple syrup and sea salt in a large bowl with a fork. Add 1/4 of the oat flour and stir and mash. If your butter is still cold just work the fork into it more. Add the rest slowly while stirring and mashing ( this will help the butter even out easily).
Next add the almond meal and stir and mash. Use your hands to insure that butter is worked evenly.
Press the dough into the prepared pie dish. Bake at 350 for 10 minutes if you are going to bake a pie or 15 minutes if you are going to fill the crust with a no-bake filling.

Preparation time: 15 minute(s)
Cooking time: 10 -15
Diet tags: Reduced fat, Reduced carbohydrate, Gluten free
Number of servings (yield): 8
Calories: 190
Fat: 13
Protein: 4