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Basil Turkey Sausage Patties

This recipe is so versatile, you can add whatever you have in your fridge. this recipe calls for basil carrots onions and spinach, but I’ve also added to the base ingredients (ground turkey, sausage, an egg, and almond flour) is chopped apples, mustard, cracked black pepper, and goat cheese and they were fabulous too. Here’s what we had for dinner tonight. These are so moist and flavorful….Yummm.

Et innlegg delt av Quorn UK (@quorn_uk)

1 medium red onion chopped
4 tbsp olive oil
½ cup of chopped carrots or one large carrot
4-6 medium size cloves of garlic

zest of one small lemon
¼ of a bag of frozen spinach (about 1 cup frozen)
¼ tsp of sea salt
1 egg
¼ cup of almond flour or meal
1 pound of ground turkey
2 sausage links (raw I used garlic basil, but I find any on your favorite sausage works)

Heat up a medium size skillet on medium heat with olive oil
Add the chopped onions and saute until golden brown
Add the carrots and spinach and garlic. Cook until carrots are soft

Heat up a large skillet on medium heat with a little butter and olive oil (this ones for the patties)
combine and mix in a large bowl the cooked veggies, zest, sea salt, egg and almond flour, turkey meat and sausage (removing the casings)
With your hands make patties to about the size of your palm or smaller (I make them smaller for my kids)
Add the formed patties to the skillet and let them cook until the rim of the patties are white
Flip (add the cheese if desired) and cook for another four minutes

I served these with a concoction that the kids love and I like because it has less sugar then ketchup.
¼ cup of tomato sauce (I use an unsalted marinara that I keep in the fridge)
1-2 tbsp of your favorite BBQ sauce
Combine the tomatoes sauce and BBQ sauce in a serving dish and serve on the side