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Fresh Taco Soup

This is such a great soup to make on any occasion. It’s made with fresh organic tomatoes, veggies, beans, turkey, chili powder, garlic and onions. If you buy all the ingredients fresh, I really think it makes all the difference. I can’t tell you how much better fresh tomatoes taste in soup compared to the canned version. You just have to try it. You’ll see. And if you are a fresh tomato soup eater already, you know what I mean. I also used chili powders and fresh jalapenos. No packet taco seasonings here. You are going to LOVE this soup.

Fresh and Healthy Taco Soup made with fresh tomatoes, beans, veggies, chili powder and ground turkey. [Pin It] Follow Me on Pinterest

1 medium sized onion

3-5 cloves fresh garlic

1 pound fresh tomatoes

1 pound zucchini

2-3 cups of freshly cooked pinto beans (about 1.5 cups dry beans)

water or chicken broth

1 pound of full fat ground turkey meat

Few tbsps. of olive oil, coconut oil or pastured lard for caramelizing the onions

1 tsp. sea salt (more or less depending on if you use water or salted chicken stock)

1/2 tsp. ground cumin or more

1 tsp. of New Mexico chili powder or ancho chili powder (add more if you like)

1-2 jalapenos with the seeds removed if you like your soup spicy

Begin by soaking your beans for at least 8 hours or overnight. If you do this your beans will take 2 hours to cook. I do not recommend making beans with out soaking. It takes too long and it also makes them hard to digest. After your beans are done (save the remaining water they are cooked in), caramelize the onions in a large pot. meanwhile roughly chop the tomatoes, zucchini and garlic. Once they onions are golden add the ground turkey to brown and fully cook. Next, add the chopped veggies, broth, spices, beans (with remaining water they are cooked in) and jalapenos ( if using) to the pot. Simmer until the veggies are tender. Season with sea salt here or earlier if you like. Serve with cheese, avocadoes, fresh herbs and Greek yogurt or sour cream.

Ready to simmer.

It’s ready! Enjoy!